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Sleeping Beauty (Wonder Books) Retold Evelyn Andreas

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Sleeping Beauty (Wonder Books) Retold Evelyn Andreas

This magical, beautifully illustrated tale begins when the king excludes the most difficult fairy of the kingdom from a feast celebrating the birth of his beautiful daughter Briar Rose. Furious, the fairy storms in and curses the baby, pronouncing that on her fifteenth birthday she will be pricked by a distaff (from a spinning wheel) and fall down dead.

The youngest fairy softens the curse to a century-long sleep. Despite the fact that the king burns all the spinning wheels in the kingdom, 15-year-old Briar Rose finds herself in the tower where the evil fairy and her fate await her. The drama of the spell unfurls as she and the other inhabitants of the castle fall instantly asleep, from courtiers to kitchen maids.

Dog Gone note: Wonder, 1956, early printing, Very Good++ picture cover hardback, with all original illustrations by Ruth Ives, NOT "exlib"! (same edition as pictured). There is a young girls name on the from inside of the cover under "This is my Wonder Book."