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The Dog Gone Bookshop


You have entered a bookshop like no other. Therefore, we have some rules and responses that are not like the others.

What types of books do you carry? The Dog Gone Bookshop carries, children and young adult books for ages 0-18. We carry books in English, French, German, Hmong, and Arabic. 

Where do you source your books from? Library and general bookstore sales. We will go to estate sales and specialty stores to source rare children's books.

Where are your headquarters? Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. It's where all the magic happens. 

Are all the books for sale in your inventory listed on this site for sale? No, for several reasons. We have a constant influx of used children's books. The site does not always reflect the accuracy of the inventory. Plus we have an inventory of great books with markings (usually copious amounts of library markings -distinguishable from our definition below) that are for super-sale at one of our pop-up events. Finally, our web store caps out the amount of inventory we can post for sale. 

How can I see the full inventory? You can't. But you can drop us a line and ask us if we have the book you're looking for.   

What if I am looking for a particular book and I can't find it here? Can I ask you if you have it? Sure. Drop a line under Contact. All the fields are required on this page. 

I need a recommendation for a book, do you provide those? Yes. First you can go to our favorites list. Second, you an drop me a line and ask for one. Make sure you give the age, gender, and book interest of the child.  

I read that you only accept returns for vintage books. I've never purchased a book from you. How do I know I won't be bamboozled with terrible quality books? If you're worried about this, you hail from a major city. I understand. I do too. Trust is earned, not automatically given. Therefore, if there are books you want to purchase but it's your first time, drop a line on what books you may want. I'll send you photos of them and then you can decide. See, easy (and sweet) as pie!

What do you do with all the books you cannot clean up or sell? We do a couple of things. The books that have too many markings on them that we cannot remove go into the bargain bin box at one of our pop-ups for an asking price of $0.50. If there are regular inventory and/or bargain bin inventory we just can't sell, we'll donate the books to a worthy charity.