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The Dog Gone Bookshop

Shipping and Return Policies

You have entered a bookshop like no other. Therefore, we have some rules that are not like the others.


Shipping: The Dog Gone Bookshop ships every Tuesday, and Thursday and the occasional Friday (except during holidays where shipments are completed on an as needed basis to meet currier deadlines for Christmas delivery), through the USPS first class mails.  

Shippings Costs: Domestic standard shipping (USPS) is $3.99 for one book. If you purchase more than one book, then an additional $1.00 is added per book. 

Shipping time line: Domestic standard (the only shipping available here) is 4-14 business days. 

Rush Shipping: Rush shipping is not a thing here, no matter how appealing you may try to make it financially.

International Shipping: Not yet. But maybe some day.

Returns: We only accept returns on our vintage children's books and foreign language books over $10.00 (within 7 business days of receipt), because the price point is much higher than our normal inventory. We stand by our product. We source the best used books. You'd hardly know they were used (except some our vintage books. But we attempt to note the issues upfront). Generally, we just hate the rigmarole of returns, plus the books in our regular inventory are very cheap.