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Frozen Billy by Anne Fine

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Frozen Billy by Anne Fine

ver since their mother was wrongfully imprisoned, Clarrie and her brother, Will, have been forced to live with their negligent uncle in England. Uncle Len works as a ventriloquist in the nearby music hall, and although he and his dummy, Frozen Billy, put on a good show, Uncle Len is constantly drinking away his pay. Then Will hatches a plan to improve the act - by performing as Uncle Len's second dummy - and soon they're making more money than ever. But to Clarrie's horror, just as things should be looking up, they begin to turn terribly sour.
Complete with detailed pen-and-ink line art, Anne Fine's chilling Edwardian drama brings to life a wooden stage dummy who may just have the power to destroy an entire family.

Dog Gone Note: This book does have a stamp saying "Officially Withdrawn from the Hennepin County Library" on the front first inside page. Other than that it is in excellent condition and the main reason we decided to put this copy up for sale.