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Ginger Pye (The Pyes #1) by Eleanor Estes

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Ginger Pye (The Pyes #1) by Eleanor Estes

Meet the marvelous Pyes—
There is Mrs. Pye, the youngest mother in town;
Mr. Pye, a famous bird man, who handles all the nation’s important bird problems;
Rachel Pye, who is so reasonable she can make unreasonable ideas sound like good ones;
Jerry Pye, who knows about rocks of all sorts and plans to grow up to be a rock man;
Uncle Bennie, who is Jerry and Rachel’s uncle—even though he’s only three years old.
Lastly is Ginger Pye, the “intellectual dog,” who Jerry bought for a hard-earned dollar. The most famous pup in all of Cranbury, Ginger knows tons of tricks, is as loyal as he is smart, and steals the hearts of everyone he meets . . . until someone steals him!
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Dog Gone Note: This book is in excellent condition.